PPAT Conducted a Workshop to Scale-Up Quality of Welfare Center System


PPAT with Department of Children and Youth and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation, conducted benchmarking quality of welfare center system workshop, through Zoom program on 18 August 2021, in order to exchange ideas and push forward the implementation of the Project ‘Readiness of Children and Youth in Foster Home to Outside Society’. The participants were consisted with 5 welfare centers, namely, Pakred Welfare Center for Boys, Chiang Mai Welfare Center for Boys, Pattani Welfare Center, Ratchasima Welfare Center for Boys and Udonthani Welfare Center for Girls as well as Miss Ladda Jitwatanapataya, project manager, executive director of Children, Youth and Family Well-Being division, consultant of Department of Mental Health and instructors.


News & Activity

PPAT Chiang Mai clinic conducted knowledge dissemination activity and provided HIV and STIs test to students in Chiang Rai Technical College, Mueng district, Chiang Rai province, on 16 March 2021, in order to prevent HIV and STIs infection in school….