HIV and STIs Test For Youth in Education Institutes

Hiv Prevention Chaimai005

PPAT Chiang Mai clinic conducted knowledge dissemination activity and provided HIV and STIs test to students in Chiang Rai Technical College, Mueng district, Chiang Rai province, on 16 March 2021, in order to prevent HIV and STIs infection in school.


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กรรมการเยาวชน สวท ลงพื้นที่ร่วมบรรยายให้ความรู้อนามัยการเจริญพันธุ์ โรคติดต่อทางเพศสัมพันธ์ และการตั้งครรภ์ไม่พร้อม
Children and Youth of Chiang Mai Welfare Center have practiced critical thinking skills from reading their favourite fairy tales and sharing ideas to friends. Chiang Mai Welfare Center is one of the five Children Welfare Centers which has been a model for ‘Readiness of Children and Youth in Foster Home to Outside Society’ Project under the implementation and cooperation of PPAT, Department of Children and Youth, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security as well as the support from…